NAVYKO s.r.o. was founded in 2006. The main reason the company was founded was to fill a need for specialized services associated with handling all freights in sea containers. In connection with these activities, we started producing export packaging for all designs from 2008. It has been our philosophy to offer such services to our clients that are missing on the market, which are of the highest standard and which are totally focused on customer needs. We provide complex services in the area of container loading and off-loading, handling, storage and other services related directly to the above branch of activity.

We are in possession of a know-how; forklift stackers with a loading capacity of 32 tons and 16 tons (both with specially elongated forks to handle well in 20-feet containers); forklift stackers with a loading capacity of 7 tons and 3,5 tons, both having lowered design enabling movement inside the containers; a gantry crane with a loading capacity of 12,5 tons; a special self-aligning arm, called the “C”-hook with a loading capacity of 8 tons; another “C”-hook with a loading capacity of 10 tons to handle rolls; and finally, a large number of accessories enabling non-standard handling, as well.